Want to grow your medical practice? Help more patients and optimize your marketing costs with FamousDoctor's award-winning, doctor marketing services. See how digital marketing for doctors can help you today!
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Why your business needs Marketing

We are now in 2020 where online reputation is everything for a business. If you are not in front of people’s phones, then you’re losing out on clients. Here is where our expertise comes in, we target market to the specified demographics you want to help you reap in revenue, and gain clients, not customers.


We’re a team of marketing experts with years of experience, creating “FamousDoctors”. We take pride in our work allowing you to excel your business through social media with no added stress.

We believe in our work to produce results hence why offer a FULL SERVICE REFUND if our targets are not met in the 3 month period.


New York

Los Angeles



  • Strategy

  • Unlike others we offer creative marketing strategies, that help you drive more customers, increase social presence and also exceed your competitors in nearby areas
  • Social Media

  • Ever seen doctors with a huge following on social media, loved and trusted by millions of fans so much that they even cross an ocean just to get a consultation from them. And no it doesnt take years to reach that level, we can help you get there much quicker
  • Influencers

  • Everyone now trusts influencers more than celebrities, if they see an influencer visiting your clinic they are likely to come as well. We will create campaigns for you with the best influencers
  • Web Development

  • Top  doctors usually have their own website. we will create your website with the finest design and your personal touch
  • Production

  • A full service company offering video production in 4K
  • Print Media

  • Print media is an easy medium to spread awareness or advertise to any particular geographical area.
  • Email Marketing

  • We have lists of millions of potential customers in your area, we can contact them for you and the spread the word about you.
  • Creativity

  • Our super creative team always comes up with new ways to help you succeed in business
  • Paid Media

  • Tired of seeing those spammy ads everywhere? Hate them or love them but they work really well! We know how to run very targeted ads that will scale your business
  • Photography

  • We provide professional photographers who can come to your clinic for shoots. We know how hard it is for doctors to post so many before and after images each month, especially since many clients don’t allow their personal photos. We offer before and after images of various treatments
  • Consultation

  • Why run one clinic when you can run multple? We help doctors set up multiple clinics, and their own hospitals countrywide and across the globe. We provide the exact blueprint and consultation so you can achieve your goals


Most marketing agencies take on businesses from all niches, which restricts them from becoming experts in one specific niche. That’s where we step in, we have in-house medical students, and a team only studying marketing avenues in this niche. So what does that mean for you? It means you pay for the best and receive the best! We guarantee to help you achieve your target goals and increase your monthly revenue.


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